作曲家、編曲家、プロデューサー、キーボーディスト、DJ。また、自身の曲のプログラミングやミックス/マスタリング、映像と多方面に活動し、他作品のプロデュース / 楽曲提供 / remixも行う。

DE DE MOUSE is distinguished by his one of a kind music style and dynamic live DJ sets with keyboard performances.

Mixing tribal music from Tibet, Indonesia and children’s voices with a touch of his soul, DE DE MOUSE chips them into single sounds and edits them to create significant melodies.

From Acid House to Amen Break, and Hip Hop to Fusion, he links and mixes keywords together to create new sounds for the Electric scene.

A mix of sounds of synthesizer intertwined with unique chords, he creates an energetic beat that fits in the breakcore genre.

Not only his musical approach but his live performance is extraordinary.
He puts full of his energy and creative ideas into his live set to entertain his audience.

The style of live performance changes from time to time, such as aggressive twin drums style, dance remixes, piano solo and so on.

DE DE MOUSE also collaborates with other artists and creators from all over the world in fashion, game, graphic and art industry.

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