Disk Nagataki

Disk Nagataki (DiskNgtk)
2011年、DJとしてキャリアをスタート。独自の視点で切り取った個性的なDJスタイルが支持を受け、様々な国のParty,Private Loungeなどで活動中。幅の広い音楽知識と選曲は東京、世界トップクラスのDJにも一目置かれる存在であり、海外でのゲストプレーも定期的に行っている。現在はTokyovitaminに所属し楽曲製作に力をいれておりUNIQLO,Adidas,Reebok,Moussy,Soph,UnitdedArrowsなどに映像楽曲を提供する側、台湾、韓国のアジア圏、LA、UKの注目Artistへの楽曲提供からRemix Work、また自身EPなど、常に日本以外で活動の幅も広がっている今最も勢いのあるCREATORだ。

Disk Nagataki started his career as a DJ in 2011. His unique sense for music has led him to play at parties, both domestically and abroad. His knowledge and taste of sounds has also been acknowledged by well renowned DJ’s and musicians he has come across internationally.

Currently, as an artist of tokyovitamin, he has been hired by brands such as UNIQLO, Adidas, Reebok, Moussy, Soph, United Arrows, etc. to produce original beats and music for promotional use. His production and original remixes have led him to collaborate with artists across the world from Taiwan, Korea, UK, and USA, to name a few.

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